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"One of the Nations Leading Football Newsletters is Gridiron Gold Sheet. Their best college football newsletter and nfl football newsletter is a must read". M. Mendelsohn, Director, Association of Documented Sports Services".

Gridiron Gold Sheet Football Newsletter is an award winning online football newsletter with a history of high percentage winning football picks. No other football newsletter can match our documented record setting 1999 football newsletter best bet record of 70%.

Gridiron Gold Sheet Best Bets

28 of 37 Winning Seasons
2014 Best Bets:
 82-49-3 62.5%
2015 Best Bets: 82-51-1 61.7%
2016 Best Bets: 91-60-2 60.2%
2017 Best Bets: 91-59-3 60.7%

2018 Best Bets: 78-54-6 59.0% 

Gridiron Gold Sheet 41-25-2 63 37-29-4 56 78-54-6 59 18.6
Power Picks 33-16-1 67.3 25-26 49 58-42 58 11.8
Winning Points 20-14 58.8 14-13 51.2 34-27 55.7 4.3
Power Plays 11-5-1 68.7 52-47-1 52.5 63-52-2 54.8 5.8
Power Sweep 31-38 44.9 68-48-4 58.6 99-86-4 53.5 4.4
Gold Sheet 23-22-3 51.1 42-46 48.8 65-68 48.8 -9.8
Sports Reporter 17-18 48.6 42-34 55.3 49-52 48.5 -8.2
Killer Sports 31-31-2 50 23-27-2 46 54-58-4 48.2 -9.8
Playbook 35-31 52.2 21-31-1 40.4 56-62-1 47.5 -12.2
Pointwise 32-51-2 38.6 48-54 47 80-105-2 43.2 -35.5

Football Newsletter

We're primed for another great year, and to once again shoot for that lofty 60% goal. Hey, we've done it many times, so you know we're capable of lofty results, while others only dream about it. Others offer minimal best bets and useless articles. We have 9 best bets to make YOU a winner!

Award Winning Football Newsletter
Over 60 years of sports analysis experience. We've been in the sports service business since 1981. Others employ sports writers (amateur handicapper's) that can spin a good yarn, but don't deliver what's most important to you... consistent winning picks. This is the major difference between our football newsletters and others. Our best bets now include one pick from each of our four expert handicappers and a 5th college consensus best bet.

College Football Newsletter Picks
We apply expert analysis systems perfected for over 37 years to every game, so that you can be on the right side. The Pres began developing his systems in the early 1980's and we've perfected them over the years to the point that you can be confident with our analysis. Subscribers get the GIG newsletter football analysis and prognostications posted to their subscription web page site by Thursday, with the projected ats winner for each game. In plenty of time to read and absorb all the data, information, tips, angles, so you can make wise decisions on what teams you want to follow.

NFL Football Newsletter Picks
We apply the same football newsletter, analysis methods perfected for our NFL newsletter. Gridiron Gold Sheet has gained the respect of many followers, who read it just to the insight they seek. One week, when we used to write-up every game, we were accurate on 29 out of 34 board games ats. Like the 6 top rated college football newsletter previews, subscribers get 4 top rated NFL newsletter previews with the projected winner ats.

Football Newsletter Subscriber Bonus
You immediately become a Gridiron Gold Member with super benefits. Also you're eligible for more savings or special package offers as a member of our Gridiron Gold Sheet. It's not unusual for one of our experts to give out one of his top rated picks as a good will gesture.

Just A Few Football Newsletter Testimonials
"One of the best sports analyst, if not the best, I've ever had the privelege to monitor". Martin Mendelsohn, Director American Association of Documented Sports Services.

"For the first time in three years a sports service went the entire season without a single losing week." Ron Sataloff, President - Sports Features Syndicate - Read the entire original testimonial letter.

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A Truly Remarkable Handicapping Testimonial
Gridiron Gold Sheet went the entire season without a single losing week of picks. Your final 65% actually showed a drop from the 67% mark you maintained in week 10 of the last 13 week contest, which just shows that you were consistent all season. How consistent? So consistent that for the first time a handicapper went the entire season without a single losing week!
Documented Proof

Ron Sataloff, President
Sports Features Syndicate - National Newspapers Experts Bowl Contest.

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