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Gridiron Gold Sheet is Always Expanding

Gridiron Gold Sheet is expanding. We’re looking for quality people in various areas around the United States to become part of our internet marketing sales force. The Gridiron Gold Sheet work from home opportunity is open to individuals wanting flexible work hours. Perfect for someone like a stay at home mom, or a retiree looking to supplement their social security benefits, or a college student that is burdened by a hectic schedule and only has free time occasionally. 

Open Internet Sales & Marketing Job for Gridiron Gold Sheet   

Category: Work From Home Internet Sales / Internet Marketing/Inside Subscription Sales Rep/Internet
Classification: Full-Time / Part-Time
The Position Location
The position location is wherever you are at the time.

Our Product is Awesome

Gridiron Gold Sheet is a leader in the Football Handicapping Newsletter Industry. In the sports handicapping business since 1981, with an award winning handicapper and an award winning newsletter for 35 years. 

We are seeking Internet Marketing Sales Representatives who will hit the ground selling our publications to interested parties. The party being anyone who is seeking sports handicapping advice, specifically football handicapping advice to wager on football games. Football betting is a multi billion dollar industry that has never suffered from a down economy. Football bettors bet football, no matter what. So you will never be furloughed from this job.

This is a high-activity, fast-paced, inside sales and marketing role, focused on acquiring new business from football bettors throughout the world. This role allows you to close the sale and know you’ve helped someone grow their business and helped a needy sports bettor find a professional handicapper.
You can rest assured that the handicapper is one of the most respected handicappers in the nation. Noted as the most honest, and with the highest level of integrity. Rest assured, he will always remind customers of the pitfalls in the chancy exercise of sports betting without ever misleading him like the so many charlatans that exist in this industry.

For a money-motivated sales professional interested in working for a company where earnings are commensurate with success, Gridiron Gold Sheet is the right career! 


You can earn a nice income per sale. Enrolling subscribers in Gridiron Gold Sheet is easy. Top sales representatives earn residual income for each customer. Every time your sale renews, you get a commission. Our commission rate is the highest in the industry. Our affilate rates are also the highest in the industry and that is a whopping 33% for starters and if you meet a reasonable goal it can go as high as 50% for high producers and for special sales promotions.


Inside sales experience. Online marketing or social media experience is a major plus. Especially if you know the ins and outs of facebook and twitter and can make your way around group activities (within the confines of the rules and policy) set forth by such. You should know up front, that you will have to sign a waiver that releases Gridiron Gold Sheet from any unlawful internet activity or actions on your part. In essence, you are not working as our employee or our agent, but rather as a 1099 employee under your own jurisdiction.

Top Performer Attributes 

  • Strong internet search, prospecting skills and sales closers
  • Experience closing sales via email, text or social media  
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work independently  
  • A natural ability to sell and build relationships  
  • Highly motivated to make money!   


Most people begin writing sales in their first week. Ongoing training is provided through daily email and phone calls to management. Our sale manager is available to answer questions when you are having difficulty. 

No Investment to Work for Gridiron Gold Sheet 

All training support is provided free once your application is accepted.

The Benefits of Working With
Gridiron Gold Sheet are many.

  • Unlimited income potential - Unlimited sales territory  
  • Residual income, your commissions continue to build monthly.
    Every time your client buys, you get your sales percentage.
    You may sell our services in person, using the phone or by email.
  • Set Your Own Hours - Flexible Work 
  • Set Your Own Pace - No one looking over your shoulder with demands. 
  • Make extra money part time
  • Our staff becomes your support team. 
  • No inventory, no investment, no delivery of products, no billings or collections, no complicated paperwork.  
  • Gridiron Gold Sheets work opportunity is everywhere in the world.  
  • All sales recording keeping is completed for you.  
  • Monthly paydays, as your sales volume & renewals increase, your percentage of profit rises.  
  • You’re a 1099 commission only contract employee, expenses may be tax deductible.

veteran ownedGridiron Gold Sheet is owned and managed Era Army veterans and we strongly support veterans. Veterans will be hired without question. We also give a portion of all of our profits to Veteran organizations like the DAV, Wounded Warriors and others. Support your vets, freedom is not free!


How To Get Started?

Start cashing in on the Internet without risk, send your resume for immediate consideration.

Opportunity Waits For You!

Email your resume to


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A Truly Remarkable Handicapping Testimonial

Gridiron Gold Sheet went the entire season without a single
losing week of picks. Your final 65% actually showed a drop from the 67% mark you maintained in week 10 of the last 13 week contest, which just shows that you were consistent all season. How consistent? So consistent that for the first time a handicapper went the entire season without a single losing week!
Documented Proof

Ron Sataloff, President
Sports Features Syndicate - National Newspapers Experts Bowl Contest